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Sing in the Becoming

Sing in the Becoming


I just love this painting. The fun yet soothing color palette, the organic and more structured shapes, and the fragments of stone and plaster that have been partially obscured by sheer fabric make this piece so special and unique. I promise you won't find another one out there like it! It felt like both a song and a puzzle to create this piece and you can read the line from my poem The Shattering/The Becoming that inspired it's title.


Size: 30x40" on canvas framed in an unfinshed maple float frame.

Medium: acrylic, texture, stone fragments and fabric on canvas

Signed, titled, dated on back


This painting is eligible for a monthly payment plan of $225 per month for 10 months, interest free. Or we can create a custom payment plan that works with your specific budget.

If you're interested in this payment option, please send a quick email to for details!


Excerpt from my poem The Shattering/The Becoming that includes the title of this painting:


You are luminous
You are light
You belong to no one,
save the One you came from.
You are equal parts earthy and divine
Caught in between the now and not yet

You shriek in The Shattering
when it all comes crumbling down
You sing in The Becoming
as you find your long lost self


You can read the full poem here.


*Free Shipping withing the US! Fee local delivery and installation also available.

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