Cloth and plaster sculpture on panel.


Size: 12x12" on panel framed in an unfinshed maple float frame.

Medium: hardened cotton cloth, plaster, wooden panel

Signed, titled, dated on back


This painting is eligible for a monthly payment plan of $125 per month for 2 months, interest free.

If you're interested in this payment option, please send a quick email to for details!


Excerpt from my poem The Shattering/The Becoming with the title inspiration:


Clutch at the canvas stretched over your frame,

keeping you quiet, keeping you tame

When it's ripped off,

You're exposed and raw

Everything you know is gone


Shatter the plaster cast holding your form:

Keeping you static, keeping you safe

Rip off the patches sewn onto your heart

Your Translucent Beauty awaits.

Rip Off The Patches Sewn Onto Your Heart

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