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Mapping the Intangible (VII)

Mapping the Intangible (VII)


Mapping the Intangible (VII)


Size: 5x5x2" framed in a natural maple float frame.

Medium: cyanotype on raw linen 

Signed, titled, dated on back


These works on linen were created in Orquevaux, France during my artist residency last summer and have now been stretched and framed in my studio in Boulder and ready to be released into the world. I love the translucent and luminous qualities that this sheer linen creates-- The loose weave of the fabric lends itself to a very whimsical and free application of the cyanotype emulsion and I never know what result I will get (which I love)! The feeling of freedom and possibility I experienced while creating these painterly works in the peaceful French countryside is a memory I want to keep for always. 


Use code "local" at checkout for free studio pick up in Boulder.

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