Where Light and Shadow Can Coexist (and for that to be ok)

Where Light and Shadow Can Coexist (and for that to be ok)


I love the bold shapes in this piece and how they all work together to create a big statement. Lots of contrast paired with subtle shifts in color make me love this painting more the longer I look at it.

Deep Raw Umber + soft, fleshy pink and earthy sienna all combine to create a painting that brings light and shadow together in harmony. 


Size: 48x60" on canvas framed in an unfinshed maple float frame.

Medium: acrylic, texture, and fabric on canvas

Signed, titled, dated on back


This painting is eligible for a monthly payment plan of $530 per month for 10 months, interest free. Or we can create a custom payment plan that works with your specific budget.

If you're interested in this payment option, please send a quick email to kristen@kristenabbott.com for details!


Excerpt from my poem excerpt from my poem Shadow + Light:


But deep down inside

Layered under all the filters,

Lived a little girl who felt deeply--

who longed for tender shelter


A room that was safe to just be

Uncovered, unposed, unexplained

A place where both shadow and light could coexist

And for that to be ok.


You can read the full poem here.


*Free Shipping withing the US! Fee local delivery and installation also available.