Fiercely Soft and Tender

Fiercely Soft and Tender


This textural painting is layered with warm flesh tones of browns and pinks and neutrals and torn edge canvas piece that has been dyed a raw umber. 


Size: 24x24" on canvas framed in an unfinshed maple float frame.

Medium: acrylic, fabric, and stone fragments on canvas

Signed, titled, dated on back


Excerpt from my poem A Song of Becoming that includes the title of this painting:

I am bringing out my largeness,

I refuse to hold me back

I am fiercely soft and tender,

I am strong enough not to crack


I will listen with intention,

I will act with confidence

I know who I'm becoming,

The veil no longer fits.


This painting is eligible for a monthly payment plan of $100 per month for 10 months, interest free.

If you're interested in this payment option, please send a quick email to for details!


*Shipping cost will be invoiced separately depending on destination. Local delivery and installation is available!