Loose and free, this painting has an etheral quality to it as well as a grounded earthiness.

I love the addition of small fragments of canvas and linework that add an unexpected element to the freedom of this piece. Colors are a bit too orangey in these photos--more red oxide in person. If you love this painting, I can send you a video to get a better feel for exact colors.


Size: 24x24" on canvas framed in an unfinshed maple float frame.

Medium: acrylic, texture, stone fragments and fabric on canvas

Signed, titled, dated on back


This painting is eligible for a monthly payment plan of $100 per month for 10 months, interest free.

If you're interested in this payment option, please send a quick email to kristen@kristenabbott.com for details!


Excerpt from my poem The Shattering/The Becoming that includes the title of this painting:


You are luminous
You are light
You belong to no one,
save the One you came from.
You are equal parts earthy and divine
Caught in between the now and not yet


You can read the full poem here.


*Free Shipping withing the US! Fee local delivery and installation also available.

Equal Parts Earthy and Divine

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