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Apart of the "An Exploration of Personal Topography" Collection, this small painting makes a big impact with it's bold colors and organic movement. 


Underneath the surface of these vibrant pigments and texture, lie layer upon layer of dull and muddy versions of the same topography.  Perseverance and personal growth bring breakthrough and depth of character that can only be accomplished by going through the hard and muddy seasons, not around them.


6x6" mixed media on canvas in maple floater frame.

Signed, titled, and dated on the back. 

Wired and ready to hang.


**This painting is available for pre-sale and will not be shipped until the end of October at the conclusion of Kristen's group show, Chasing 360, on exhibit at the Curtis Center for the Arts in Greenwood Village, CO.  Upon purchase of this piece, you will receive a receipt via email and a red dot will be placed on the corresponding tag at the gallery to reserve this painting just for you!

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