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Let's go on an adventure!

Join us on a transformative journey at The Creative Soul Retreat, nestled in an enchanting historic cottage surrounded by the picturesque Suffolk countryside, just a stone's throw away from the captivating English coastline.


This week-long retreat is designed to revive inspiration in every facet of your life. Engage in creative workshops, embark on exciting excursions, and relish moments of profound connection. This retreat is a celebration of authenticity, inviting you to infuse genuine beauty into your relationships, nurture your body with care, and align your spirit with boundless possibility.


Picnics + painting in the English countryside? 

Yes, please.


Reignite your creativity with expertly led art workshops designed to encourage playful experimentation and intuitive confidence. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this hands-on experience will enrich your perception of the historic sites and breathtaking scenery that surround you.


In addition to the two guided workshops mentioned below, you'll find extra art materials available for your independent exploration.

Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting

Participants will be using Kristen's favorite travel art supplies to capture the expansive landscapes of the Suffolk countryside in an approachable and emotive style. 

- Introduction to Botanical Cyanotype Printing Processes 

Participants will forage their own leaves, florals, and stems to make original sun prints on paper. This magical process is all about living in the moment and really pausing to notice the beauty all around us. 


Get ready to embark on this creative adventure, where every stroke and print is an opportunity for self-expression and discovery.


Enjoy leisurely nature walks that wind through scenic countryside paths starting just beyond the garden gate. Sit in moments of serene contemplation at an ancient church, steeped in history. Uncover the grandeur of local castles, wandering through their stunning grounds that whisper tales of the past. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of local villages with their bustling markets and take a day trip to Adleburgh, a colorful coastal village, where every corner invites you to indulge in an idyllic escape to the British seaside.


This retreat will weave together the beauty of nature, the echoes of history, and the warmth of local communities.