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The Language of Leaves

Driven by an unwavering pursuit of beauty and a passion for transforming abstract concepts into tangible forms, my studio practice merges introspection and playful experimentation across diverse mediums. Through ongoing exploration, I intentionally infuse unpredictability into my work, allowing for surprises to unfold. Employing a wet cyanotype technique on materials like linen, cotton, and silk, I harness the partnership of sunlight and surrounding nature. The process begins with carefully foraged leaves arranged on cyanotype-coated surfaces, exposed to the Colorado sun, and then subtly modified with organic compounds, watercolor, and pan pastels. Embracing the organic interactions that emerge, I navigate the interplay between creator and creation, human touch and natural forces. This collaboration with the elements rejuvenates my sense of wonder, motivating me to continually approach the canvas in pursuit of capturing the enigmatic essence of the landscape. In this exhibition, The Language of Leaves, I chose the foliage based on their symbolic meaning. The intentional choice of leaves and their corresponding (and sometimes conflicting) symbolism adds layers of meaning and emotion to the work and beckons viewers to intimately explore the complexity of the human experience and their own internal realm.

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add poetry and inspo pics from lindsey plus the YouTube video below

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